Imagery Grants | Domestic

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Institution Area of Research/Study
Appalachian State University Agriculture and Land Cover
Appalachian State University National Security and Intelligence plus Land Cover
Arizona State University National Security/Intelligence
Brown University Land Use/Cover & Change
Central Piedmont Land Cover, Water and Natural Resource Mgmt
Chapman University Environmental Studies, GIS
City University of New York Urban Land Cover and Land Use
Clarion University GIS, Mapping Historical Sites
Cornell University Climate Change, Urban Planning, Disaster Response & Recovery
Denver Metro State Environmental Studies, Forestry
Duke University Biodiversity, Land Cover
East Central University Biodiversity, GIS, Environmental Studies
Emory University Biodiversity, Climate Change, Health
George Mason University Agriculture, Climate Change, Environmental Studies
George Washington University Population Growth, Disaster Response/Recovery, Risk Management
Georgia Institute of Technology Environmental Studies, Forestry, Biodiversity, Land Cover (Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund in cooperation with Satellite Imaging Corporation)
Harvard School of Public Health Health and Natural Resource Mgmt
Harvard University Environmental Studies
Indiana State University Mining, Environmental Studies
Kennesaw State University Archaeology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Transportation, Urban Planning
Missouri State University Environmental Studies and Water and Natural Resources
Mountain Studies Institute Environmental Studies
North Carolina Central University Environmental Studies
Ohio State University Environmental, Coastal Studies, Disaster Response
Oklahoma State University Agriculture, Climate Change, Environmental, Land Cover, Invasive Species
Penn State University GIS Mapping
Planetary Science Institute Volcanology & Geology
Purdue University Disaster Response/Recovery, Urban Planning
Rochester Institute of Technology Disaster Response & Recovery
San Diego State University Environmental Studies
San Francisco State University Environmental Studies, GIS
Texas A&M University Environmental, Population, Natural Resource Management, Biodiversity, Land Cover, Urban Planning
Texas State University Water and Natural Resource Mgmt
Texas Tech University Land Cover and Climate Change
University of Alaska, Juneau Climate Change, Ice and Glacier Research
University of Arkansas Environmental Studies, Population, Natural Resource Management, Coastal Studies, Urban Planning
University of Buffalo & Jane Goodall Institute Natural Resources, Water and Natural Resource Mgmt
University of California Water & Natural Resource Mgmt
University of California at Berkeley Climate Change, Forestry, Environmental, Land Cover
University of California, San Diego Archaeology
University of California, Santa Barbara Forestry, Land Use
University of Colorado, Boulder Agriculture, Archaeology
University of Denver Agriculture, Forestry, Land Cover
University of Florida Climate Change, Environmental Studies
University of Georgia Urban Planning, Land Cover
University of Hawaii Agriculture, Climate Change
University of Hawaii Manoa Forestry and Agriculture
University of Illinois at Urbana Climate Change and Water/Natural Resource Mgmt
University of Kansas Archaeology
University of Maine GIS, Informatics, Disaster Response & Recovery
University of Maryland Environmental Studies, Forestry, Land Cover
University of Massachusetts Land Cover, Biodiversity
University of Michigan Archaeology
University of Minnesota Biology, Biodiversity
University of Missouri Climate Change, Tree Cover, Vegetation Dynamics
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Archaeology
University of North Texas Forestry, Environmental Studies
University of Oklahoma Environmental Studies and Resource Mgmt
University of South Carolina Health, Population, Disaster Response/Recovery
University of South Florida Forestry and Environmental Studies
University of South Hampton Land Cover & Forestry
University of Texas El Paso GIS Mapping and Land Cover
University of Wisconsin Climate Change and Environmental Studies
University of Wisconsin, Madison Agriculture, Risk Mgmt
University of Wyoming River Channel Change, GIS
Western Carolina University Land Cover, Biodiversity
Western Valley College Water & Natural Resource Mgmt
Yale University Archaeology